Our basic philosophy, during our early stages, was quality, integrity and service. Over the years, Small Assemblies has worked with this philosophy in our efforts to meet our customer's needs. We believe that the efforts required to meet these goals are best supported with:

  1. Quality Planning that begins by working with the customer in the design stages of the project.
  2. Continuous Process Improvement and defect prevention, rather than defect detection.
  3. Training, instilling into our most valuable resource, our employees, the desire and ability to make quality goods.

Small Assemblies is extremely proud of the quality of its products and strives to ensure the highest standards of quality control are in place. We consider ourselves to be a part of our customers operation. With a track record of low PPMs, we utilize online statistical process control software (MINITAB) to constantly track attribute data so parts are within controllable limits. We also utilize the latest process control techniques to optimize our production. Small Assemblies is committed and operates in strict compliance with the internationally recognized quality standards of ISO 9001:2000 as well as the Aerospace quality requirements of AS9100:2000. Our customers shall be able to rely on our integrity to do the best job possible, giving the service they need in order to be successful.